7 advantages of protective film for your bike frame

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kit de protection velo sur scott

When your love for your bike verges on obsession, every detail counts. The frame, that skeleton which gives life to our mount, deserves protection to match our escapades. Whether it’s against scratches, rubbing or impacts, the quest for the perfect accessory seems endless. But RAD frame protection film offers a solution that combines aesthetics and functionality. Get ready to discover how this simple addition can revolutionize your cycling experience.

Easy installation and protection against damage

Does installing a protective film on your bike frame seem like a daunting task? Well, think again! With RAD film, installing this invisible shield is child’s play. Thanks to its high-performance adhesive, it perfectly follows the lines of your frame, offering flawless invisibility while protecting it from external aggression.

It’s not just a protective layer; it’s armor against everything the road has in store. Stones, sun, even mud – nothing can spoil the look of your bike. Whether you’re on a beaten track or in the middle of the city, your frame remains impeccable, just as it was on day one.

Maintain original look: gloss or matte

kit de protection
protection kit

One of the biggest concerns when applying protective film is the fear of changing the appearance of your precious bike. With RAD, say goodbye to these worries! Whether your frame is glossy or matte, the film preserves its original aesthetic while offering optimum protection. It’s as if nothing had been added, apart from increased resistance to scratches and rubbing.

With this level of transparency, your bike retains its unique charm, while being protected from the elements and impacts. It’s the perfect compromise for cyclists who don’t want to choose between style and safety.

Resistant to the elements thanks to hydrophobic technology

Water and mud, the cyclist’s sworn enemies, are no longer a threat with our RAD protective film. Thanks to its hydrophobic properties, it repels water and mud and makes washing much easier. No more hours spent cleaning; a simple shower will leave your bike as shiny as before your adventure.

But that’s not all! This magical film ensures that dirt doesn’t cling, allowing you to maintain a clean frame with a minimum of effort. It’s the ideal partner for those who like to ride without worrying about Mother Nature’s whims.

Versatility: suitable for all types of bikes

kit de protection velo rad
bike protection kit rad

Forget the idea that certain accessories are reserved for a specific type of bike. Our RAD film transcends categories: whether you own a mountain bike or a road bike, it will adapt with ease. It’s so versatile that it’s a must-have for every two-wheeler enthusiast looking to protect his or her investment.

This adaptability makes RAD film a wise choice for those who want a single solution capable of protecting different types of frame. So whether your frame is made of carbon, aluminum or steel, it will benefit from uncompromising protection.

Added value for your bike

Beyond simple protection, applying RAD film to your bike is a wise investment. By preserving the condition of your frame against scratches, rubbing and impacts, you maintain its value over time. Whether for personal enjoyment or with a view to future resale, every cyclist knows that the appearance of a bike matters.

Using RAD film is therefore a strategic choice for those with a long-term vision of their passion. It’s not just an accessory; it’s an assurance that your bike will remain as desirable as it was on day one. The satisfaction of riding without fear is the freedom every cyclist deserves.

  • Effective protection: It protects the frame against scratches, rubbing and impacts, ensuring that the bike’s condition and appearance are preserved.
  • Hydrophobic quality: Its ability to repel water and mud facilitates the washing process, allowing the bike to stay clean more easily.
  • Preserves aesthetics: Transparent film preserves the original look of the frame while offering protection. What’s more, it’s available in gloss or matte finishes, depending on user preference.
  • Countability: Compatible with various types of bikes, including mountain bikes and road bikes, this film is a versatile choice for different cyclists.
  • High-quality material: Made from polyurethane, the film offers optimum protection against bumps and scratches, guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the bike frame.

Cet accessoire est donc indispensable pour tout cycliste souhaitant préserver l’intégrité et l’esthétique de son vélo face aux agressions extérieures.

Easy maintenance and enhanced durability

film de protection velo sur scott
protective film for scott bikes

Adventure on two wheels exposes your bike to sometimes extreme conditions. With RAD film, saying goodbye to premature wear and tear becomes a reality. Not only does this protective film make washing easier, it also ensures exceptional durability for your frame. Cleaning sessions become pleasant, quick and efficient.

Imagine riding through muddy trails or wet roads without worrying about the consequences. The RAD film’s hydrophobic properties repel water and mud, preventing any harmful build-up. So your bike stays in impeccable condition, ready for the next ride.

But what about the visual aspect? This film preserves the original look of your bike, whether shiny or matte. Its transparency keeps the aesthetics intact, while providing a barrier against scratches, rubbing and impacts. Your bike loses none of its charm, and you gain peace of mind.

A worthwhile investment for enthusiasts

Buying a RAD protective film is more than just an expense; it’s an investment in the life of your bike. By providing effective protection against scratches, rubbing and impacts, you’ll ensure optimum preservation of your bike. It’s a wise move for any cyclist who wants to keep his or her equipment in tip-top condition.

Universal compatibility with all frame types

RAD film knows no limits. Its compatibility with any type of frame, whether carbon, aluminum or steel, makes it a universal choice for all cyclists. Whatever your riding style or bike model, this film fits perfectly, offering unrivalled protection.

The assurance of a frame that’s always impeccable

film de protection full cover
full cover protective film

Having a bike that reflects our passion demands impeccable care and protection. RAD film provides that magic touch that preserves aesthetics, increases durability and simplifies washing. Your bike retains its original look, effectively repelling water, mud and other external aggressions. It’s the ideal solution for those who see their bike as an indispensable adventure companion. When you choose RAD film, you’re choosing a reliable partner for carefree escapades, where the only limit is your endurance. Let yourself be seduced by this innovation and transform your outings into moments of pure pleasure, with the certainty that your bike is perfectly protected.

Frequently asked questions about RAD protective film

Is RAD protective film easy to install on any type of bicycle frame?

Absolutely! RAD protective film is designed to fit all frame types, whether carbon, aluminum or steel. Thanks to its high-performance adhesive, installation is child’s play, offering seamless, invisible protection against scratches, rubbing and impacts.

Does RAD protective film alter the original appearance of the bicycle frame?

No, on the contrary! RAD protective film preserves the frame’s original appearance

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