Why should your bike’s forks be protected too?

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proteger ses fourche de vélo

Your bike’s quest for performance and durability requires careful attention to every component, especially the forks. Exposed to scratches, impacts and other track-related aggressions, they deserve protection that’s up to the challenge. RAD protective film is the ideal solution for keeping your forks protected from damage. Read on to find out how this product can transform your bike’s maintenance and extend its life.

Exposure to scratches during your escapades on the track can compromise the beauty of your forks. The use of a protective film specially designed for forks becomes an imperative for any cyclist concerned about his or her equipment.

Transporting your bike, whether on a tailgate, bike rack or in the back of a car, also exposes your forks to considerable risk of damage. Effective protection minimizes these risks and ensures a smooth arrival at your destination, ready for adventure.

The advantage of self-healing hydrophobic film

film hydrophobe protection fourche de velo
water-repellent film to protect bicycle forks

One of the most outstanding attributes of our protective film is its hydrophobic capability. This feature ensures that water and liquids glide easily over the surface, reducing the risk of corrosion or dirt build-up that can affect fork performance.

Its self-healing property is a revolution in bicycle protection. Small scuffs and scratches disappear over time, keeping your forks looking like new for longer. This advanced technology enhances the added value of your equipment, setting it apart on the market.

Applying the film is surprisingly simple, requiring no specialized tools. Its ease of installation means that cyclists of all levels can benefit from optimum protection without the need for a professional. This time-saving efficiency is essential for those who want to spend more time on the road and less on maintenance.

Why choose RAD film?

protection pour fourche de velo
bicycle fork protector

When it comes to effective protection, RAD film stands out for its resistance and ability to protect forks from external aggression. In addition to its ease of application, this film is characterized by its virtually invisible appearance, ensuring that your bike’s aesthetics remain intact. This combination of practicality and effectiveness makes RAD film a preferred choice for cyclists wishing to combine performance and preservation.

An installation within everyone’s reach

kit de protection fourche de velo
bicycle fork protection kit

One of the major advantages of RAD film is its ease of installation. You don’t need to be an expert or use special tools: in just a few minutes, you can apply the film and give your forks lasting protection. This ease of use ensures that every cyclist, whatever their level, can enjoy the benefits of the product without constraints.

FAQ about protecting bicycle forks with RAD

What are the advantages of RAD protective film for bicycle forks?

protection fourche de velo
protection fourche de velo

RAD protective film offers an effective solution for protecting your bike’s forks from damage caused by debris, scratches and exposure to the elements. In addition to its resistance and practicality, this self-healing hydrophobic film helps extend the life of your bike’s components while preserving its aesthetic appeal.

How easy is it to install RAD protective film on the forks of your bike?

Yes, installing RAD protective film is very simple and requires no specialized tools. In just a few minutes, you can apply the film to your forks without the need for a professional. This means that every cyclist, whatever their level, can benefit from optimum protection without any constraints.

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